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    Forex Working Hours

    The Forex or foreign exchange market is a somewhat intangible concept spread over the world, rather than a single physical market in one location. It’s worth understanding exactly how the system works, so here we answer the most common questions about Forex market opening hours.
    How many Forex markets are there around the world?
    There is no ‘central’ Forex market; rather, trading takes place in a variety of locations around the world. The top trading centres (in market opening order) include Wellington, Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, India, Russia, Frankfurt, Zurich, Paris, London, New York, Toronto and Chicago. No single market is open 24 hours a day, but as each market opens and closes in different time zones this overlap enables 24-hour trading for 5.5 days a week. For example, this means a trader could trade USDCAD even when the US and Canadian markets aren’t yet open.
    How do I know when each market is open?
    It can be somewhat difficult to keep track of market opening and closing times, because they shift due to the seasons and daylight savings of particular areas. Traders can view market open hours in real time using a Forex clock such as Forex Factory or Market 24h Clock, which help to identify which markets are currently open and when the trader might expect prices to change. Traders can also download these types of services as an app on their phone or tablet for regular reference.  
    How does this impact on ForexCT trades?
    The great thing about trading with ForexCT is that a trader can trade any currency pair they choose at any time, rather than being restricted by market openings. In fact, being able to trade CFDs on popular currency pairs means that the trader can potentially capitalise on the flurry of activity that can happen as markets first open and overlap with one another. The trader may still want to focus on active trading hours, as CFD trading hinges on price fluctuations rather than inactivity. There tends to be a lot of trading activity while the European and US markets are open at the same time, for example. Our trading hours open on Sunday 22:00 GMT and close Friday 22:00 GMT, providing access to CFD trades on all major currencies and commodities during this time.
    Can I access support 24/5?
    With ForexCT you certainly can. Our support team is available for technical assistance 24/5, so if you’re up trading EURUSD at 1am while both markets are open we’ll be easily accessible through your trading platform.