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    Forexct Code Of Conduct

    The Code of Conduct introduces the principles and standards which have been set for our employees. The reason for having this policy is to educate and inform all employees about appropriate conduct with a view to preventing and detering any wrongdoing. Adherence to the Code of Conduct is mandatory. Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct by any employee may result in disciplinary action being instigated against that employee.

    Adherence to Laws & Regulations

    At ForexCT, we regard adherence to the governing laws and regulations as paramount. Compliance must always be a priority!

    ForexCT holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (Licence No. 306400). The Australian Securities and Investments Commission ("ASIC") enforces the laws and regulations which govern the provision of financial services which includes trading in foreign exchange products. ForexCT always endeavours to be in compliance with its obligations. The Australian regulatory framework is widely regarded as one of the most stringent in the world for investor protection.

    If for some reason, a dispute arises between a client and ForexCT, we will try to resolve the dispute, in the first instance, internally in a fair and swift manner. If this is unsuccessful, then the client has the right to refer the dispute to an external dispute resolution scheme for resolution. ForexCT is a member of the Financial Ombudsman Service Ltd which is an external dispute resolution scheme.