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    Forexct Employee Responsibilities

    Compliance with Laws & Regulations

    All employees are responsible for adhering to all the relevant laws and regulations as well as the rules and principles set out in our Code of Conduct. Employees are required, as a condition of their employment, to ensure that they are familiar with the laws, regulations, best business practices, and the required ethical conduct which is befitting for being able to represent ForexCT.


    All employees are expected to act in an honest and dignified manner. They must act in good faith when dealing with all customers.


    During daily business activities, our employees are provided access to client information relating to account details, trade practices & patterns, fees & revenues, marketing practices etc. Employees are required to keep this information confidential. This means they are not permitted to disclose this information to any third-party unless they are legally permitted or required to.

    Conflicts of Interest

    A conflict of interest arises when an employee of the Company has competing professional or personal interests. Such competing interests can make it difficult to fulfill his or her duties impartially. Employees are expected not to put themselves in a situation, where a conflict of interest may arise. Conflict of interests typically occur whereby an individual (or someone close to the individual) benefits at the expense of the Company. Employees must always act in the best interest of the Company and not do anything that may compromise the integrity of the Company.

    Reporting Violations of the Code of Conduct

    When an employee becomes aware of any violations of the Code of Conduct committed by themselves, other employees or management, then they are required to report these violations to the compliance department.

    Security of Client Funds

    Maintaining the security of your funds is paramount to ForexCT. Due diligence should be undertaken by a client before choosing a foreign exchange dealer to trade with. All holders of an Australian Financial Service licence are required to comply with the client money regulations contained in the Corporations Act 2001.

    Clients should look closely at how their foreign exchange dealers are handling their deposits. At ForexCT, many steps have been undertaken to make sure that our clients’ funds are as secure sa possible.

    Firstly, all clients' funds are deposited with an AAA rated country – i.e. Australia. The money is protected, as it is held in a client segregated trust account with one of Australia's banks, NAB (National Australia Bank Limited). At ForexCT, we do all in our power to maintain the highest level of protection of client funds at all times.

    At ForexCT, we are strongly committed to our clients. This is evident through the business decisions we make and the impeccable service we strive to provide all our clients. Our financial integrity and maintaining our reputation is very important to us and the protection of clients' funds is integral to this.

    Investors must be prudent in regard to where they hold their funds and it is vital to consider the integrity of the firm and its management when making one’s decision.