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    Personal Income And Consumption

    Description: Personal Spending, also known as PCE, represents the change in the market value of all goods and services purchased by individuals. This is the largest component of GDP. Personal Income represents the income that households receive from all sources, including employment, self-employments, investments, and transfer payments. Income is the major factor in regards to spending and US consumers spend approximately 95 cents of each new dollar. Consumer spending accounts for two-thirds of the economy and greater spending stimulates corporate profits as well as benefiting the stock market.

    This indicator has gained further credibility in February 2000 when the FOMC began forecasting inflation in terms of the personal consumption expenditures deflator (PCE Deflator, a component of the report). So basically the FOMC prefers the PCE Deflator rather than the CPI.

    Release Date: Released first business day of the month at 8.30 am New York time.