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    ForexCT prides itself on its ability to provide superior solutions to a growing global client base in one of the most competitive, fastest growing industries in the world. Our innovative approach to foreign exchange trading has paved the way for our successful and long-term partnerships worldwide. The growth of Forex trading has meant that our products and solutions are in more demand now than they have ever been before. Being a step ahead of the competition is vital and partnering with ForexCT will ensure that you are always better informed, better equipped, and receive a higher remuneration than you would with any of our competitors.

    High-Tech Proprietary Trading Platform

    Our web-based platform is the most innovative in the Forex trading industry. We offer an all-encompassing solution for any partner looking to introduce their clients to a platform which is; user-friendly, highly customizable to tailor to your clients’ needs, and most importantly can be accessed anywhere at any time, with absolutely no software downloads required. ForexCT also offers all partners, a state-of-the-art advanced mobile phone trading platform for clients to trade on with ease and convenience. Forex trading has never been so simple and easy with ForexCT!

    ForexCT is determined to ensure that your clients experience a second-to-none trading environment. We ensure that this is the case by offering; 1-click execution, guaranteed fills, no slippage, tight spreads, zero commissions, 40+ currency pairs, and commodities such as Gold, Silver and Oil.

    Our highly trained and fully dedicated Forex Specialists provide extensive 1-on-1 training for your all your clients. If your client has any questions regarding any aspect of the Forex market, then our Specialists are at their disposal. We guarantee unlimited access to a wide array of resources and the most helpful trading tools such as: Up to the second Live Charts, Economic Calendar, Live Market Updates, and Daily Fundamental & Technical Analyses Reports. All these resources come free of charge for ForexCT partners and their clients.

    Flexible Back Office System & CRM

    Our back office is so flexible that it can be tailored to your own specific needs. We feel that we owe our business partners nothing less than the highest level of transparency. By transparency we mean that you can have real-time access to the back office 24/7. Once you are granted this access, you can monitor all your clients’ activities, generate your own tailored reports, view expected trading volumes, commission revenue earned and much more. With access to our back-office you can also monitor client accounts, customize client spreads and margins, and commercialize it for their needs.

    ForexCT’s highly advanced customer relationship management system (CRM) provides you with all the information you require to make informed decisions. This system incorporates three highly customized categories which are tailored to meet your requirements: support ticket modules, lead management and a highly advanced reporting system. All the administrative overheads are taken care of by us, and we will provide you with convenient access to our Customer Relationship Management system. Through your 24/7 access to our back-office, you are able monitor all your clients’ activities, view online reporting, trading volumes, create new accounts, monitor account balances, place trade orders and much more. ForexCT partner programs are the ideal solution to obtain control of all trading functions by allowing various levels of monitoring and with different functions for: dealers, sales persons, and Back-Office personnel. We will customize it to suit your needs!

    Advertisement Management System

    ForexCT employs a leading advertisement management system with advanced reporting capabilities. This system allows you to track each visitor from each of our advertising campaigns. By tracking each customer, we are able to see how much revenue is earned per source and the ROI (Return on Investment) for each of the media sources. In addition, the flexible nature of the system supports in-depth reporting and full manipulation over vast array of media sources. The core architecture of the advertisement management system allows you to perform advanced slicing and dicing, data-mining, benchmarking, and aggregation of data which is simply not possible on other analytic systems on the market.

    Partnership Payment Solutions

    ForexCT’s advanced partnership payment system has been developed with the most cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology in the Online Payment Industry. We can offer you a wide range of payment methods which makes things much easier for you.

    Affiliate Program

    Partnering with ForexCT provides you with the perfect opportunity to expand your own client base. ForexCT offers a simple solution for everyone who wants to establish or expand their affiliate program on the web. We will provide you with access to our affiliate system for managing, tracking, and building your affiliate marketing efforts on the Internet. Things have never been made easier for our affiliate partners.