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    Ubs Consumption Indicator Switzerland

    Description: Index for consumer spending in Switzerland. The Consumption Indicator moves with changes in real consumer spending and can be used as a gauge of the strength of domestic demand. A rising indicator value reflects rising consumer spending, which generally leads to economic growth and potentially augur inflationary pressures to come.

    The UBS Consumption Indicator is calculated using five specific indicators of spending and expressed in the form of an index. These indicators are: new car sales, business trends in retail, overnight hotel stays by Swiss nationals in Switzerland, the consumer sentiment index and credit card transactions.

    Release Date: 8:00 GMT ; monthly, in the fourth week following the reporting month. The headline is the index value for the month. Because the index value is always positive markets compare the current index value to the short and long-term average values in order to gauge Switzerland's economic health. In the long term the average has been approximately 1.5, but may change with time.