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    Where to Find Forex News for Fundamental Analysis

    It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the online options for Forex fundamental analysis, so where can traders turn to for neutral and up-to-date news on economic and financial releases? We’ve compiled some of our favourite, high-quality resources for monitoring and executing fundamental-based trades.
    ForexCT’s daily market reports
    The news comes straight to you in the form of ForexCT’s daily market report emails. Each morning we cover Forex news for EURUSD and other popular currencies and commodities, and list the upcoming economic announcements that could have an impact on trading activity and volatility. From here it’s a couple of clicks to open or close a particular trade. You can also ask your account manager about our premiere SMS service, which will provide market updates directly to your mobile.
    Forex Factory
    Forex Factory provides a simple, uncluttered and up-to-date view of upcoming economic events, including forecast and actual changes to economic and trade factors. The platform includes links to news articles from quality sources and a forum discussing trading techniques, opportunities and lessons. Also useful is the live Sessions area where you can see which Forex centres are open at any one time. Individual sections can be moved and customised for quick and convenient reference to the information you use most.
    Bloomberg Forex news
    Bloomberg’s currencies page provides a broad range of world currency news and in-depth articles which can be useful in understanding complex political and economic situations, particularly as they relate to the US. Currency news can be filtered by geographical region, making it simple to focus on your chosen currency pairs. If you also trade CFDs on indices or commodities, then this media provider also offers great coverage of sector performance in the United States. Reuters and The Wall Street Journal are other top choices for detailed news analysis.
    Financial TV channels
    One very convenient way to stay on top of fundamental releases is to stay tuned to the financial TV channels before or after work. Channels such as BBC News, Bloomberg TV and CNBC often provide rolling coverage of important financial events, while short segments such as The Kohler Report on ABC can be beneficial in understanding the wider picture.  
    As with general news, it’s always worth considering the source and integrity of the media outlet where you find your Forex news. Once you begin to follow news providers and economic calendars, you’ll quickly get a feel for the resources that work best for you.
    You can also sign up and get free access to Trading Central for industry-leading technical analysis and investment research.