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    Why ForexCT? With unique advantages like a 24-hour market, high liquidity, low transaction costs, leverage, and directional trading, the real question is – why not?

    Biggest Market In the World

    With over $5 trillion daily turnover, the Forex market is the most liquid market in the world.

    Trade Anywhere, Anytime

    Access the Forex market 24/5.5 and execute trades around the world without leaving your desk. Stay connected wherever you go with ForexCT on iPhone, iPad or Android.

    Find the Knowledge You Need

    Whether you’re a novice just starting out or an experienced trader looking to test an advanced strategy, ForexCT has the educational tools you need to become a better trader.

    Get a Fair Shake

    The Forex market is free from market manipulation by large investors, unlike the share market, which can be dominated by an exclusive group of big players.


    Round-the-Clock Activity

    Volatility in the Forex market means a consistent stream of trading opportunities for both beginner and experienced traders alike.


    Leverage, Leverage, Leverage

    Get more exposure with less margin. ForexCT’s high leverage lets you open trades with minimal margin requirements and still benefit from the full face value of the trade.

    Opportunity in Every Direction

    Execute trades that generate profit whether the market moves up or down. Go long or short with restriction-free directional trading.


    Smart Risk Management

    We know managing risk is difficult. We make it easier with free guaranteed forex stop losses and take profits.


    Why trade Forex instead of shares?

    There’s Never a Flat Market

    Good volatility in the popular AUD/USD currency pair means more profit potential than simply trading on the stock exchange. In recent times, stock exchange results have been about as flat as you can get –in some cases even depreciating more than 5% year on year. Volatility in the Forex market means that you always have a chance for good breakout trades.

    The AUD/USD had some big moves in 2013. This volatility created many opportunities for Forex traders.

    There’s Always a Buyer or a Seller

    The sheer size and liquidity of the Forex market means that someone’s always buying what you’re selling, and vice versa. Whether it’s tea time or high noon, traders around the world never stop trading foreign currencies. This means you’ll never be in a position where you can’t exit a trade and close the position.


    There’s Leverage When You Need It

    Forex providers such as ForexCT have the ability to offer high leverage options, which lets traders get maximum exposure for a relatively small margin deposit. ForexCT offers leverage as high as 400:1. Compare that to trading in the share market, where limited leverage options force traders to pay nothing less than the full value of the shares.


    There’s No De-listings or Takeovers

    Forex pairs are more secure in the sense that they are not subject to de-listings or takeovers. Unlike the share market, if a company were de-listed from the exchange, you would be unable to exit that trade for an indefinite period of time. Similarly, in the case of a takeover, you risk being caught on the wrong side of a trade.

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