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    CFD Trading Account

    If you’ve been reading about CFD trading and would like to get started, there are two options to begin trading with ForexCT: a free demo account or a live trading account.

    What does a free demo account involve?

    If you’re not yet sure if CFD trading is right for you, you can practice trading without any risk by signing up to our free demo account. This account instantly gives you $20,000 virtual cash to trade with so you can develop your trading strategies, analysis and instincts using the Web PROfit platform. There is a wide choice of CFDs available across commodities, shares, indices and currencies. Trades are shown exactly the same as with our live accounts, and you’ll have access to the same risk management features.

    This free demo account does not provide access to all of our useful webinars, tutorials and resources, so once you’ve got a feel for the platform and trading environment you can simply switch your demo account to a live account with a minimum deposit.

    How do I get started with a live trading account?

    You’ll need a minimum $500 deposit to get started with a live ForexCT account, although many traders choose to deposit more. Your live account provides access to both of our trading platforms, WebPROfit and Mobile.

    We recommend having at least a basic understanding of CFD trading before you enter your first trade, and our included resources will help to build your skills and understanding. With a live ForexCT account you’ll gain access to our free online trading course, Forex eBook, webinars and other resources. Once you are registered you will also begin receiving our free daily market reports where we regularly cover the major commodities, indices and shares.

    Ready to begin? Simply visit our Sign Up page and select your preferred account type. If you have questions about getting started, contact our Australian support team on 1800 367 392 or email